Best Telegram Channels For Stock Market for Stock Tips in 2022

Last Updated on June 23, 2022

First things first- are all the telegram stock market channels reliable? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The credibility of any best telegram stock market channels depends on the admin who often is ingenuine.

15 Best Telegram Channels For Stock Market

While choosing the stock market telegram channel to learn stock tips, one factor plays a crucial role and that includes one’s expertise in the share market. For already a master in the field the goal would differ from that of a beginner.

So, here’s a list of the Best Telegram Channel for Stock Market- a list that I have personally prepared after going through each one individually. Refer to the list below to find out the channel that fits your preference.

Stock Market Ninjas- It is one of the best telegram channels for traders and new bees. Although they are not Sebi registered, it is the most informative share market telegram group to find the latest share market updates.

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2. Nifty 50 & Stock- A telegram nifty channel with over 50,000 subscribers. It facilitates international as well as Indian share market updates with stock tips calls daily with 95% accuracy. This telegram group also provides consistent 3 to 5 Equity and Options calls.

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3. Cover Order- A trade call telegram group where calls are given through WhatsApp messages via PRIME broadcast with only best calls posted in PRIME and thus trustworthy for no jackpot calls.

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Stock Gainer- One of the best options trading telegram channels where detailed technicalities are shared with education in both trading and investing or you become an investment advisor. It is not SEBI registered but a certified research analyst (NISM-RA). More than 2lakh plus members in stock gainer.

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5. Senior Bull- A reliable, not SEBI registered channel that gives live free bank nifty Stock options call and helps to make regular profits. It also provides intraday calls. Most importantly it’s a beginner-friendly telegram group as technical charts along with trading signals, ideas are posted.

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6. Funtech Stock Market Discussion- It is the most reliable telegram channel for the share market as the admin has an overall experience of about 8+ years with an accuracy of about 93%. This deals with only equities and not options or future calls. The information shared is entirely based on thorough research.

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7. NRJ Finance- It is an educational platform where knowledge about the share market and mutual funds are shared along with intraday calls accuracy. They have held calls 100% of the target received. It is a non-registered SEBI telegram group.

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8. Options traders- Most popular telegram channel for options trading as the name suggests. It is a free and beginner-friendly channel where options trading signals is made simpler in the easiest way possible.

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9. Banknifty Masters-  A versatile telegram group that assists both newbie and experienced traders in intraday nifty, bank nifty as well as a stock options. Not SEBI registered. It has an accuracy rate of 85%.

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10. Nifty F&O Traders- It is a suggestion-oriented stock market trading tips telegram channel with an accuracy rate of its predictions over 95%. Thus, it makes investment in share markets less risky. It also helps in intraday trading and is not SEBI registered.

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11. Earn Everyday- A regular earning telegram channel where stock options calls are made along with intraday calls. Some sure shot option calls are made and suggestions for both short and long-term shares. It’s a non-registered Sebi channel.

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12. Faadoo Stocks- Beginner-friendly telegram channel with information on intraday trading as well as technical and fundamental analysis of shares. Most importantly, it provides education on risk management and Psychology in share markets.

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13. Stock Ninja- One of the most useful share market telegram channels. Important trade opinions are given here. It is not a SEBI registered analyst.

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14. Wolf Calls – A very popular channel with subscribers of over 1,20,000. It is an intraday trading channel with calls made for education purposes.

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15. Stock Market Calls- it is one of the best telegram channels to learn stock and trading in my research stock market calls has more than 1 Lakh+ member

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Which Telegram channel is best for stock trading?

The best way to get the most up-to-date information on your stock market investments is by following SEBI registered telegram channels, like Eqwires. The channel is devoted exclusively to those interested in options trading and has tons of informative videos that will teach you how it’s done!

Which is the best Telegram channel for the Indian stock market?

If you are from India then Stock marketing ninjas is the best telegram channel for Indian people who wants to learn and earn from stock marketing

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I have highlighted a few best telegram channels for stock market or groups according to my research and analysis. I had kept a few points while ensuring the credibility of these channels including their success rate, number of views and subscribers, reviews of various people, transparency. Go ahead and refer to the above list for the best telegram share market channel whether you’re a newbie or master.

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