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Last Updated on January 29, 2023

Best Telegram Channels for Books: Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book”. But the problem is how and where to find these books. If you are a reader with similar questions, then I have an answer for you. There are some best telegram channels for books.

Telegram book channels provide the best way for people to read books, download ebooks, and read and download new upcoming books. In this post, we want to share all the best telegram channels where you can easily find and download books, ebooks, pdfs, audiobooks, etc.

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20 Best Telegram Channel For Books

Before diving into the best telegram channels for books, first, let’s understand what makes any channel good for readers. The requirements are pretty simple. The channel must possess good-quality, easily accessible, high-quality books. Even if some of the boxes get ticked in the checklist, believe me, you have got yourself the best gift. So let’s check out some of these best gifts for you.

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1. Ebook Only-An ebook telegram channel where you can find books in pdf formats. The channel has access to exceptionally old and classic books which are world-famous.

2. PREMIUM EBOOKS–  An exceptional telegram book channel where premium books that are not easily available are found. This includes both fictions as well as non-fiction books.

3. BOOK WORLDIf you are an ardent reader like me, this is the channel for you. With over 5.5k subscribers this is a must-join the platform.

4. FREE COMICS BOOKS & NOVELS–  One of the best telegram channels for readers who prefer comic books as well as novels. This site provides you with various options and that too free of cost.

5. AMAZON KINDLE EBOOKSAn amazing telegram book channel to find all the books available on amazon plus ebooks in the format of pdf. The books available are free of cost.

6. ENGINEERING BOOKSIf you are an engineering student and looking for a place to find all your notes and study material, this is the place for you. An informative and educational platform that offers guidance and support in your journey of becoming an engineer.

7. ENGLISH CRUSH BOOKAn amazing telegram channel with over 2.5k subscribers. The channel provides English books of high quality and in a pdf format.

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8. ADDA247 EBOOKSA pdf telegram channel that provides ebooks on a regular basis. The consistency of the channel is the highlight as it makes it user-friendly. Books are shared on a 24*7 basis. 

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9. AUDIOBOOKS CLASSICSAn audiobook telegram channel where books are available in an audio format where you can listen to them on apps like Spotify. They are uploaded every week.

10. ENGLISH TENSES BOOKSA platform that gives access to educational and development books that helps in enhancing one’s personality along with command of the language.

11. BOOKS MANIAAn English book telegram channel for exceptional readers where you can find books of all genres. The books available are free of cost and of high quality.

12. IAS PREPARATION BOOKThe best telegram book channel that provides books for UPSC in a common place so that preparation for the exam becomes easy. Along with this the channel also contains recommendations from various sources that act as a guide. 

13. PDF BOOKSOne of the top pdf telegram channels that enables you to prepare for various sorts of exams by making the resources available in the format of a pdf. 

14. COMEDY BOOKSOne of the best ebook telegram channels where ebooks available of a specific genre i.e. comedy. So if you are a person who loves comic books this is a muse join channel for you.

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15. WORLD OF PDF BOOKA remarkable pdf telegram channel where books from all around the world of varied genres are present at a commonplace. The ebooks available are in pdf format with free access to readers.

16. GRAMMAR EBOOKAn English book telegram channel for people who want to improve their grammar. The channel provides daily study and practice material that will help you to improve your language.

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17. INDIA BOOKSA place where you can easily find books and novels of Indian authors in a pdf format. The books available are free of cost and of good quality. 

18. AUDIO SUNOAn amazing audiobook telegram channel with the most subscribers. It is one of the top channels where you can find any book in audio format and that too of great quality.

19. EBOOKS ONLYIt contains various interesting books for readers. The ebooks are uploaded on a regular basis.

20. HINDI NOVEL AND COMICSAn extraordinary Hindi book telegram channel with over 4.4k subscribers. This platform makes ebooks, comics as well as all sorts of novels available in the Hindi language.

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How To Download Books, Ebooks From Telegram Channel?

The process to download books, ebooks from the telegram channel are:-
1. Download and then open the telegram app.
2. Go to the search bar and type the name of the channel you wish to open.
3. Click on the channel
4. Search for the desirable book, ebook
5. Click on the download link and tap on it.
Follow the above step to get the book of your choice

How Can I Find A Book On Telegram?

Finding a book on telegram is extremely simple. Just open the app and press the search icon. In the search button write the name of the book you want. If that particular material is available you will get the result, then all you have to do is press it and you have got it.


Are you an enthusiastic reader like me? If yes then these are some of the best telegram channels for books you can find. Refer to the above list and you have got yourself the best gift like I said which will not be any less than heaven. 

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