Best Canada Telegram Groups Link in 2023

Last Updated on January 22, 2023

Would you like to know if there are any Canada telegram group links out there? If yes, then you will be surprised to know that there are some really great groups you could join for free.

Knowing about this North American country which is actually the world’s second-largest country by area will be a fulfilling experience. So let’s get started.

Group NameJoin Link
Canada Outlander JobseekersJoin Link
Canada Job AlertJoin Link
Canada MovieJoin Link
Canadian DatingJoin Link
Canada News ChannelJoin Link
Canadian FriendshipJoin Link
Love & CouplesJoin Link
Canada Pubg PlayersJoin Link
Bitcoin Canada ChatJoin Link
Canada PrJoin Link
Canada ChattingJoin Link
Canada Real EstateJoin Link
Canada immigration updatesJoin Link
Canada StudyJoin Link
Canada BusinessJoin Link
Canada Student VisaJoin Link
  1. Canada Outlanders Jobseekers- One of the best Canada telegram groups. This is a group for people who are not originally from the land of canada. If that is the case and you are seeking a job in Canada, this group will help you.
  1. Canada Job Alert- A telegram groups Canada. With rise in unemployment and people not aware where and how to find jobs. This channel seems to be the rescue. Here you will find regular job alert messages. There are around 20k plus subscribers.
  1. Canada Movie- If you want to know about the culture,society or people of a country, watch their movies. In this group you will find recommendations of Canadian movies and series according to your taste and with the suggestions of 200 and plus people.
  1. Canadian Dating- A remarkable canada dating telegram group link. With dating becoming an integral part of everyone’s lives it is important to find trustworthy dating apps and places. This link does exactly this.
  1. Canada News Channel- An amazing canada telegram group link. Here you will find daily news and current affairs updates. The news is [posted in various languages for the convenience of the users and members. It has over 17k members.
  1. Canadian Friendship- The most difficult part of a new place is making acquaintances. With the help and support of this channel you can easily make new friends in the foreigh land without much trouble. It has about 8400 members.
  1. Love And Couples-  It is a new Canada telegram group link. Here you can find various couples and their love stories. A must join channel where you will be surprised as we;; as shocked. It has over 8k plus subscribers.
  1. Canada PUBG Players- This is a channel for the gamers out there. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or an expert in the game. So, Join the channel to play pubg with fellow members of your choice. It has around 6k plus subscribers.
  2. Bitcoin Canada Chat-  The bitcoin telegram group Canada. If you are interested in investing or have a lot of knowledge or curiousity in bitcoin, this is a must join platform for you. Even if you have no idea you can learn everything about bitcoin here.
  1. Canada Pr- A famous canada pr telegram group. It has the best quality content at free of cost. The channel has around 2k plus subscribers.
  1. Canada Chatting- For people looking for a place they can chat with other people of canada this can be a heaven for you. You just have to click on the link and start chatting with members.
  1. Canada Real Estate- With the constant rise in demand of real estate, getting hold of them has gotten a bit problematic. But not when you have a platform like this. Here you can easily get to know About canada real estate.
  1. Canada Immigiration Update- An Canada immigiration telegram group. For any doubt regarding immigration laws or problems, come here. Here you will have all the doubts cleared at free of cost.
  1. Canada Study- Must join study in Canada telegram group. Sometimes studying all by yourself can get boring and difficult. In such a situation and time you can refer to this telegram group.
  1. Canada Business- One of the best Canada telegram channels. You can find all the great business tycoons here who are willing to guide you through their own experience and knowledge.

16. Canada Student Visa–  An exceptional Canada student visa telegram group. This channel has about 4k members and subscribers. For any questions regarding student visas in Canada, this is an important channel.

  • Install the Telegram app on your PC desktop or mobile-first.
  • When the installation is complete, then you open the Telegram app.
  • Now set up your full profile on telegram
  • Now your profile is created successfully
  • Now click on any group invite link from the above list
  • Just press enter on the join button.
  • Now that you are in the group, congratulations 

Rules of Canada Telegram Groups

  • Do not allow to share any kind of irrelevant information in the group
  • No one will change the group name and dup without the permission of the admin.
  • respect everyone in the group
  • Any members are now allowed to post any spamming links.
  • Illegal and religious content is not allowed
  • Personal chatting is not allowed in group
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to follow the rules

Which is the best telegram group for Canadian people

Proud to be Canadian is the best group on telegram for Canadian people

Which is the most active telegram group in Canada

All Canadians are the most popular and very active telegram group for Canada


To sum it up, these are some of the best and most amazing Canada telegram group links you will ever find that helps you have a deep look at the country even from outside. So go through the list and pick out the one you want.

Up until then, I wish you all the best and hope to meet you soon with a new article.

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