CAT Telegram Groups or Channel List in 2022

If you are seeking some quality CAT telegram groups and channel links, then refer to the list below. These are some of the best channels which have been selected after thorough analysis and in detailed assessment.

  1. CAT Preparation 2022The best telegram channel for CAT preparation. This is a channel for students who wish to give their exam in the year 2022. A channel with over 13k and plus members.
  • Prepare For CAT- A remarkable CAT telegram channel. If you are a person who is in mid way of his/her preparation and wants final guidance and tips essential in clearing the exam, refer to this channel.

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  1. CAT XAT IIFT NMAT IPMAT GMAT- Irrespective of which competitive exam you desire to clear, this is the telegram channel for you. Whether it is CAT, NMAT,IPMAT etc, this channel has it all.
  1. CAT MBA Preparation Group- For people with the aim to be the next MBA and clear CAT to get into great colleges and universities, this is a must join channel for you. It has over 6k plus subscribers.
  1. Exams Clear MBA Preparation- A CAT preparation telegram group that enables you to clear CAT and achieve your dream of being an MBA. Whether it is notes or live classes, you can refer to this channel for any problem.
  1. IMS CAT- The IMS CAT 2021 telegram group. A channel which provides you with resources and study materials of coaching centers like IMS which are one of the best. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and still get the best material through this channel link.
  1. UnacademyAn unacademy CAT telegram group. We all are aware of the quality and goodwill the unacademy platform has in today’s world. This channel helps you take the benefit of this amazing platform without any subscription or payment.
  1. RODHA Official ChannelA good rodha CAT telegram channel. This is the official channel of rodha. For any doubts or misinformation you come across, this can be a pretty great place to get it all cleared because of the credibility of the channel.
  1. Time IMS CETKING CL Studybuzz CAT MBAAn amazing IMS CAT telegram group. A channel which provides you with resources and study materials of coaching centers like IMS which are one of the best. 
  1.  CAT Entrance BookA CAT books pdf telegram link. It is very easy to find a channel to help you out with study materials and teaching but getting a platform to integrate all the books can be pretty tough. This is when channels like this come to aid.
  1. CAT notes- A must join telegram channel for people preparing for CAT as here you will find all the notes compiled at one place. A channel with over 7.8k plus subscribers is one of the fastest growing telegram groups.
  1. Cracku CAT 2022 PreparationAn exceptional CAT 2020 telegram group. A CAT preparation telegram group that enables you to clear CAT and achieve your dream of being successful.
  1. Top My Test CAT PrepA CAT telegram channel which basically enables you to take multiple test and mcqs series. The reason being that these tests and practice will help you ascertain your performance while taking your preparation to the next stage.
  1. CAT Pro TalentA time CAT telegram channel. A channel for students who are studious and wish to toil i.e. are a pro in the art of hard work. A must join channel which has over 8.3k plus subscribers.

15. Career Launcher In CAT- For those of you who are not aware, career launcher is one of the best coaching centers for CAT in India. Therefore, this is one of the best telegram groups that help you prepare for the exam free of cost from the best teachers and experts.


Advantages of joining CAT preparation telegram group

1. Proper guidance
2. Better understanding
3. Inexpensive
4. Time-saving

Rules of CAT exams telegram groups

1. Don’t abuse or misbehave
2. Post relevant content
3. Respect teachers and admin

What are the reasons for joining the CAT exams telegram group and channel?

To help you in the journey of clearing CAT and make it a smooth sailing and memorable one.

How do I join the CAT exams telegram group?

Refer to the above list of telegram channels and choose the one you want

How do I find CAT groups on telegram?

1. Pick the channel you want to join
2. Click on the link to the channel
3. Press the join button

Can you tell me the difference between a CAT exams channel and a CAT exams group on telegram?

A CAT exam group can have up to 200000 members whereas a CAT exam channel can have an unlimited number of subscribers or members.


To sum it up these are some of the best CAT telegram groups you will ever find. So go through the list and pick out the one you want. Up until then, I wish you all the best in your journey of becoming the next best MBA.

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