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Last Updated on March 23, 2023

Do you wish to know about some of the best chemistry telegram channels? If yes, then let’s go through and find out the channels of chemistry that can help you out in your studies and help in knowledge gaining.

But before that what is chemistry in one sentence? It is that branch of science that teaches us the study of matter.

10 Best chemistry Telegram Channel in 2022

1. Chemistry- One of the best chemistry telegram groups. If you are a student who wants to learn the subject, come to this channel. You can learn the subject at this platform for free and avoid the hustle-bustle of traveling endured in offline classes.   

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2. Chemistry Physics Biology Math- This Telegram channel is like heaven for students of science. Irrespective of the subject of science you want to understand better, this platform offers classes and notes of all the three science subjects along with maths. So it Would be correct to say that joining these channels would be an investment.

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3. Need Jee Chemistry-  An amazing chemistry telegram group. A channel for novice learners of chemistry who are preparing for Jee. If you face a problem in this particular subject only which can become a hindrance while clearing the exam, join this telegram group and learn from the best of the best.

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4. Allen Chemistry- A top Chemistry telegram channel link. With over 6.7k and plus subscribers this is a must join telegram link for chemistry. From notes to practice and test papers which are uploaded regularly, you can master the subject or at least get hold of it in no time.’

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5. NCERT Chemistry Quiz- Must join telegram channel for students who desire to take their preparation and learning to the next level. The main reason for this is that this group posts daily quizzes along with an answer sheet that can help you have a correct assessment of your performance and work on areas of weakness.

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6. Tybsc Chemistry Notes- An amazing chemistry telegram group. Here study notes and materials are posted in a pdf format which can be downloaded for free. The notes and references are prepared by experienced teachers and learners. 

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7. Organic Chemistry- Best telegram channel for learning chemistry. This channel assists you in the learning process of organic chemistry- another branch of chemistry. Whether you have problems with the basics or formulas, you can join this group and solve your doubts through chatting.

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8. Chemistry Notes-  A remarkable chemistry telegram group. Here study notes and materials are posted in a pdf format. With the best of content and subscribers, this is a go-to channel for any student who is in urgent need of chemistry notes.

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9. Ebook Chemistry- A remarkable chemistry telegram group wherein practice papers, quizzes, test series, etc are posted in the form of Ebooks which are absolutely free to download for anybody. 

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10. Chemistry Notes- One of the best chemistry telegram groups. A must join a channel that is active all the time and is free to join. It is like a reservoir of knowledge as it contains study notes of great quality and covers all topics and heading of the subject. Irrespective of the area you want notes of, you can come here and download it with ease.

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How to join Chemistry Telegram Channel & Group Link

  • First of all open your telegram profile
  • Now search biology in app telegram then you will get many channels in telegram
  • We have also shared many biology telegram channels in this post, you can choose any one which you join
  • Hurry hit the join button now you are entered in Biology channel

Chemistry Telegram Channel Rules

  • Do not do any kind of wrong talk with anyone in the channel
  • You can talk with any person members in the channel
  • You can send things like chemistry books, notes, pdf, ebook in the channel
  • In this group, you can ask questions about chemistry.

Benefits of Chemistry Telegram Groups & Channels

  • You will find many chemistry teachers and professors here, you can take their help and clear your doubts from them.
  • You can ask your dobtus chemistry subject in related group in chemistry telegram groups
  • You will get a lot of study material in the group related to chemistry like books, ebooks, courses.


Chemistry Telegram Channel: Friends If you are a student then this is the best source for you where you can study Chemistry for free the biggest advantage of the chemistry telegram group is that you can connect with students and chemistry experts and ask your doubts with them, Friends, if you liked this post, then definitely share it with your friends

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