11 Best Class 10th Telegram Channel or Group List

Last Updated on November 27, 2022

Do you know there are some best class 10th telegram channels out there for students?

 If not, then here I am going to share with you some of them. Depending upon your needs and preferences, you may pick out one of your choices.

10 Best Class 10th Telegram Channels

  1. CBSE Class 10thOne of the best Class 10 telegram group links. A place for the students from the CBSE board of class 10. Whether it is notes or classes on different subjects, this channel has it all.
  1. Class 10th NcertAn exceptional class 10 telegram group. I said it was exceptional as it is an encyclopedia of Ncerts notes and pdfs. If you are looking for ebooks and pdfs of Class 10 ncerts, come to this place.
  1. Class 10th BooksA telegram group for class 10. Irrespective of boards i.e., ICSE,CBSE or international, here you can find books of class 10. So worry not for the resources now. Just ensure you have a good network to download whatever you want.
  1. Class 10th Math NotesIf we had to agree on one thing- that would be the never ending problems of Math. But jokes aside, if you are a student struggling with math for real, then here you can find the notes that will make things easier for you.
  1. Class 10th Science NotesA channel which provides notes on science for free. Whether it is physics, chemistry or biology. Just click on the link of the channel and get all the pdfs without any hustle. It has over 5.6k subscribers.
  1. 10th Class Social Science NotesBest telegram channels for class 10 especially if you ate a student of social science background. Here you can find not only notes but also regular live and doubt classes.
  1. Be Wise ClassesA must join channel for the students of class 10. The channel doesn’t just have wise in its name. With correct hard work, the channel through its quality content can surely help you turn into a wise person. It has over 5k plus subscribers.
  1. Vedantu Class 10thAn exceptional class 10 telegram group. It is an official channel of the educational platform named vedantu. The best in its job, this channel doesn’t need more description. A channel with around 10k members.
  1. Class 10th Maharashtra PreparationThe best telegram channel for class 10. For the students from the state of Maharashtra, this is specially curated for you’ll. With content both in English and regional language.
  1. Class 10th Study MaterialAn amazing cbse class 10 telegram channel. Here you can find study materials and test series of class 10 for free of cost. It has over 7.8k plus subscribers.

11. IIT JEE Class 11 Study Preparation : This is one of the best telegram channel for IIT preparation from basic to advance

Benefits Of Class 10th Telegram Groups

1. Best content
2. Free of cost
3. No hustle
4. Saves time
5. Contact with fellow students and expert teachers.

How To Join Telegram Groups

1. Choose the channel you want to join
2. Click on the link to the channel
3. Press the join button
4. Hurray! You are now a member of the group

Rules Of Class 10th Telegram Channel

1. Don’t abuse
2. Respect admin and members
3. Post relevant content
4. No spam


With the best in content and a great number of subscribers, these are some of the best class 10 telegram channels you could ever come across.

Refer to the above list and find it out for yourself.

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