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Last Updated on March 23, 2023

Class 12 telegram group link: Are you a student in your 12th grade? Are you having trouble finding Class 12th Telegram groups? No need to worry because will share the top best 12th class telegram groups or channels that can help you build your knowledge.

I believe that, if you join these 12th class telegram channels that I am sharing in this post, you will gain so much study material, notes, and eBooks to help you prepare for your exams.

Features of Class 12th Telegram Groups or Channels

  1. Make connections with professors
  2. Discuss your doubts in groups
  3. 24*7 Online
  4. Encourage yourself to work hard
Group NameJoin Link
Class 12th ScienceJoin Link
12th ARTS NCERTJoin Link
Class 12 NotesJoin Link
History 12th ClassJoin Link
Class 12th QuizJoin Link
CBSE Class 12thJoin Link

Class 12th Science

If you are a science student in class 12th, then this is the best telegram group for you. It is one of the most successful science groups on Telegram with over 1000 subscribers

The following characteristics make it unique & attractive:

  1. 24*7 Online Support
  2. You learn something new about science each day.
  3. They provide free live workshops about how to improve your learning


If you are preparing for neet or medical examination and passing it then this is the best telegram group with which you can crack neet exam with no problem

The following characteristics make it unique & attractive:

  1. 24.7* Online support
  2. They provide regular updates regarding neet examination
  3. They provide live workshops to mindset to clear neet exam

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Are you an art student and want to gain the highest marks in arts? then this is the best 12th Arts telegram group with over 8000+ subscribers and according to research, this is the most successful channel on telegram for Arts stream students.

The following characteristics make it unique & attractive:

  1. 24*7 Online
  2. Students receive high-quality instruction and learn how to achieve good marks in their Arts exams.
  3. Only educational resources are provided by them, including ebooks, PDFs, notes, and study resources
  4. Dedicated to helping you solve your problems and clearing your doubts

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Class 12 Notes

Friends, do you find 12th class notes on the internet, which will help you in your exam. So this is the top-class 12th notes telegram group with over 3500+ subscribers.

The following characteristics make it unique & attractive:

  1. you will get a lot of notes
  2. 24*7 Online
  3. Whatever your questions and doubts, you can ask in the group
  4. You will always be updated that how you will get good marks in the exam.

History 12th Class

Are you preparing for your history exam? Are you having trouble finding the best resources on the internet? There’s a telegram group for History Class 12th with over 5000+ subscribers that can help you clear your history doubts.

The following characteristics make it unique & attractive:

  1. 24*7 Online
  2. Connect with history professors and ask your doubt
  3. Find history related notes , ebooks , pdf

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Class 12th Quiz

do you like reading or solving quizzes? then this class 12th quiz telegram is very good for you with over 10000+ subscribers and I am sure this group will definitely help you to improve your quiz knowledge

The following characteristics make it unique & attractive:

  1. 24*7 Online
  2. In this group, you will find every subject quiz daily
  3. You will be notified when the new quiz is updated
  4. Their quiz resources are exclusively for educational purposes
  5. There is a small team that provides regular updates on quiz preparation

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CBSE Class 12th

Are you a student of CBSE class 12th? Then fortunately you landed at the right place. I am sharing the top-class CBSE 12th telegram group with over 8500+ subscribers. This group will help you gain more knowledge and provide online support.

The following characteristics make it unique & attractive:

  1. 24*7 Online support
  2. Provide ebooks, pdf files, and study materials
  3. You can contact an admin directly if you have any concerns
  4. This group contains all subject notes, assessments, and study materials
  5. CBSE Study is one of their specialties

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Disclaimer: All this information should only be used for education purposes

Pros of Joining Telegram Groups for Class 12th Telegram Channel

  1. Obtain Study Materials
  2. Find ebooks, notes, and PDF documents
  3. Get in touch with teachers
  4. Live class 
  5. Participate in related workshops


The telegram channels we’ve shared with you are all excellent groups for class 12th telegram group link students. If you have any problem in joining any group then definitely tell us by commenting.

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