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Last Updated on March 24, 2023

In this article, I am going to share with you some of the best GK telegram group links. With changing times, awareness and knowledge about GK have become indispensable. So with the help of these telegram channels, you can build up your GK knowledge.

  1. General Knowledge Daily GK QuizOne of the best General knowledge telegram groups. Here you will find quizzes on gk posted on a daily basis along with their correct answers.
  1. GK Quiz AreaAn amazing Gk quiz telegram channel. This channel only deals with Gk quizzes so if you are looking for pdfs of gk also, then this is not the apt place for you.

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  1. GK Samanya Gyan HindiA GK telegram channel. Are you a person who wants to gain knowledge in GK but doesn’t have proper command in English, this might be the group for you.
  1. Ncert Gk Quiz BookThe most common hurdle one faces while learning is how and which resource to follow? Therefore, here you will find pdfs and pictures of Ncerts Gk notes, which might be helpful.
  1. GK UPSC EbookOne of the key subjects in UPSC is GK. So if you are a UPSC aspirant, this is a must join GK channel for you because you will find GK notes in the ebook format. The channel has over 6k subscribers.
  1. GK TodayFor those having a problem in tapping in daily Gk and current affairs, you can refer to this telegram link where daily materials are shared that can minimize your work in the best way. A must join group which has over 6k members.
  1. GK For HindiA telegram GK quiz group link hindi. If you are not aware, one must have insight in not only gk for english but also for hindi. This telegram channel helps you do exactly this.
  1. Study GKA remarkable telegram GK group which has around 4.6k subscribers. This is like a study group where many students come together and learn gk while helping and learning from each other.
  1. Khan Sir GKLooking for a place and teacher that will teach and improve your GK in minimum time period? Come to this channel. Under the guidance of Khan sir, you can learn the subject in no time. It has over 6k plus subscribers. One of the best channels for everyone.
  1. Government Exam & SSC GKMost famous telegram channel for GK that helps in preparing for various competitive exams in general and SSC in particular for free of cost. A channel with around 9k plus subscribers.
  1. Rajasthan GKAn exceptional rajasthan GK telegram group link. A channel with quality content. It has over 5,6k plus subscribers from around the country, and specially from rajasthan.
  1. Quiz MasterHave you ever dreamed of being the best or the ex[pert of GK? If yes, then join this telegram group to fulfill your dream and become a quizmaster through hard work and regular practice.
  1. UPSC, SSC, RAS, IAS Exam GKA must join telegram Gk group link that helps in preparing for various competitive exams like IAS, SSC, RAS etc. A channel with over 7.8k subscribers.
  1. GK EnglishA telegram channel for people wishing to learn Gk in the English language. So if this language is your preference, then join the link. A group with over 5.9k members.
  1. Punjab GkOne of the best General knowledge telegram groups.  A channel with quality content. It has over 6.7k  plus subscribers from around the country, and specially from the state of Punjab.


I hope this list of GK telegram group links was of some use to you. This list has been framed after thorough analysis and research. 

Go through the links and check it for yourself.

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