Best Telegram Channels for Gujrati Movies in 2023

Last Updated on February 15, 2023

G-U-J-J-U!! Gujju!!

Doesn’t this remind you of that lovely scene from Kal Ho Na Ho? 

Well, it is kind of true that Gujaratis do put life in the party! So, why miss out on one of the greatest cinema sectors? Get hooked on Gujarati cinema as well!

To help you get a better grasp of Gujarati movies and how to access them without hurting your pocket, we have gathered some information for you which include information about Gujarati movies telegram channels and groups. So, scroll through the article to know all about it!

What are Gujrati Movies Channels in Telegram?

Since telegram is the place where you can find a variety of content and entertainment, it is surprising to see some dedicated channels as well. 

There are special Gujarati movies telegram groups and channels that are solely dedicated to Gujarati cinema, and the fun of Dandiya and Garba. These channels are either public or private but you can even try joining the private ones at the admin’s discretion. 

This type of Gujarati movie telegram group provides you access to movies without having to pay extra and even consists of members you can sometimes talk to about your love for cinema.

Advantages of joining the telegram Gujarati movie channel

There are various benefits of joining Gujarati movies telegram channels, and they are definitely worth it, since,

  1. It saves money because telegram is entirely free.
  2. You can meet new people and share a common love for Gujarati Cinema.
  3. Using and downloading movies from telegram is super easy.
  4. The options for downloads available are storage friendly.
  5. You can even find the dubbed versions if required.
  6. You can get access to the long-lost movies as well.

What more reasons do you need guys? Just join one already!

List of Best Gujrati Movies Telegram Channels

Here’s your Gujarati cinema gift from our side, here are the top and even new Gujarati movies telegram channels where you can just click on these telegram Gujrati movie group links to join them in a second,

Gujarati Movies HD Telegram Channel

These are the top and most interacted with Gujarati movie channel telegram which will you give you access to all-time hits and even the latest ones. So guys, gather around and watch them with your friends,

Gujrati OfficialJoin Link
Dhollywood Movies (Gujrati)Join Link
Gujrati CinemahubJoin Link
Gujju LoverJoin Link

Gujarati Web Series Telegram Channel

We’ve even got you covered with the Gujrati web series telegram links so if you are the web series person do not worry, and get ready to binge,

New Gujju SeriesJoin Link
Cutting Web SeriesJoin Link
Gujrati FilmJoin Link

Shemaroo Gujarati Telegram Channel for Movies

Whatever it is Dandiya or Garba, the old-school vibes are evergreen, so these telegram channels for Gujarati movies will have you covered even with the Shemaroo movies,

Shemaroo Gujrati MoviesJoin Link
Shemaroo Old MoviesJoin Link
Shemaroo FilmJoin Link

New + Old Gujrati Movies Telegram Channel

Telegram Gujarati movie channels are the ultimate bliss if you find the perfect ones ranging between new and old, you can get the taste of all! 

Gujrati Old CollectionJoin link
Old is Gold (Gujju Lover)Join link
Gujrati old filmJoin link

How do I join a Telegram channel that shares Gujrati movies?

To join a telegram channel that shares Gujrati movies are super easy, you can either join the ones mentioned above, or if you want to find something more particular you can just search for the keywords in the telegram search bar, and there you’ll have the list of the telegram channels.

Is it free to join Telegram groups for Gujrati movies?

Yes, it is free to join telegram groups for Gujrati movies, especially public channels and groups, but you might need to follow some rules when it comes to private groups.

Can I watch Gujrati movies on the Telegram channel?

Telegram does provide the option to either watch online or download the movie as per your need, so in case you are low on storage or just do not want to download, you can watch Gujrati movies on the telegram channel itself.

Are there other Telegram channels that share Gujrati movies?

There are various telegram channels apart from the above-mentioned ones that share Gujrati movies and you can search from the group name or the movie name and join those as per your choice.

How can I download Punjabi movies from telegram channels or groups?

There are specific groups dedicated to Punjabi movies from where you can download the Punjabi movies or you can even find it on general pages if the luck works right, but prefer the specific ones.


So, now that you have information on your tips, what are you waiting for join a Gujarati movies telegram channel today and watch the latest and best of Gujarati Cinema right where you are chilling, in the comfort of your bed.

Hope the article helped, and don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments!

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