Gujrati Telegram Groups or Channels in 2023

Last Updated on December 25, 2022

Gujarat is one of the most cultural states of India ideally known for its temples and historic capitals. The capital of Gujarat is Gandhinagar.

If you are looking for some Gujarati Telegram Groups, then we have covered you here. Join the telegram groups provided below to get knowledge about the cities in Gujarat along with its culture, popular food items, and many more.

Top 5 Gujrati Telegram Groups in 2022

1. Gujarati News Telegram Groups

The first one on the list is Gujarati News Telegram Groups. As the name suggests, this telegram group provides the news headlines of Gujarat including political news of Gujarat crime news to aware people of the current happenings taking place there.

The latest Gujarati News Telegram Groups include

A- Gujarati Newspaper.

  • This Telegram Group was created on February 15, 2018.
  • You will get all the current Gujarati newspapers in this group.
  • Currently, this telegram group consists of 1808 members.

B- Gujarati Latest News.

  • This Telegram Group was created on December 13, 2019.
  • Get all the latest news about Gujarat.
  • Currently, this telegram group consists of 13 subscribers.

2. Gujarat Jobs Telegram Groups

People looking for job opportunities in Gujarat can join these telegram groups. Students seeking online jobs, work-from-home jobs, or part-time jobs in Gujarat must look for these groups to find suitable jobs as per their qualifications.

The latest Gujarat Telegram Groups are as follows.

A- Ojas Gujarat Jobs.

  • Get information about job-related updates in this telegram group.
  • YouTube provides study material to the students.
  • Various sessions are conducted to reach people about Gujarati subjects in the Gujarati language.
  • Currently, this telegram group consists of 1707 subscribers.

B- Job Vacancies in Gujarat.

  • Get job updates daily for Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat districts in this telegram group.
  • People looking for new job opportunities must join this group.
  • Currently, this telegram group consists of 201 members.

C- Quiz Gujarat Jobs.

  • This Telegram Group provides daily news as well as job updates to its members.
  • Click on the link to know about the job description.
  • Currently, this telegram group consists of 170 members.

3. Gujarati Books Telegram Groups

These Telegram Groups will provide you with information about Gujarat. You can go through the Gujarat general questions, Gujarat Sahitya, Gujarat forest information, and many more. But these groups are more suitable for people who know the Gujarati language.

The latest Gujarati Books Telegram Group is as follows.

A- Gujarati Books and Magazines.

  • You will get all Gujarati magazines and books in this telegram group.
  • People having queries can solve in the group
  • This is the most popular group with 15213 members.

B- Gujarati GK Ebooks and PDF.

  • People looking for Gujarati General knowledge books must join this group.
  • You can download the PDFs provided as per your need including current affairs, Gujarati grammar, tricky quiz, and many more.
  • Currently, this telegram group consists of 1429 members.

4. Gujarati Songs Telegram Groups

Gujarati Songs Telegram Groups are for entertainment purposes. Let’s calm your mind by listening to some great Gujarati songs. Enjoy your favorite song with your friends and family and download them for free.

Some latest Gujarati Songs Telegram Groups include.

A- Gujarati Songs Status.

  • This channel is especially for music lovers out there!
  • Get to listen to Gujarati songs in this group.
  • Currently, this telegram group consists of 38 subscribers.

B- Gujarati New Songs.

  • Listen to the new Gujarati songs for free in this group.
  • Devotional songs are also provided in this group.
  • Simply download your favorite Gujarati song and enjoy listening to it.
  • Currently, this telegram group consists of 1322 subscribers.

C- Gujarati DJ Song.

  • People looking for Gujarati DJ songs should join this group.
  • Download your favorite disco song and enjoy it with your friends.
  • Currently, this telegram group consists of 2344 members.

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5. Gujarat Education

A- 12th Science Gujarat Education.

  • This is a great opportunity for class 12 students to get study material to make their learning easy.
  • Get science question papers along with solutions for practice in this group.
  • Currently, this telegram group consists of 148 members.

B- Gujarat Education.

  • Get every month current affairs in this group.
  • Know about Gujarat more by playing a quiz provided in the group.
  • Currently, this telegram group consists of 114 members.

C- Let’s Crack Gujarat Exams.

  • This group is a one-stop solution for the preparation of all Gujarat Exams.
  • Many top educators or teachers would teach you to live at Unacademy.
  • Currently, this telegram group consists of 4373 members.

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How to join Gujarati Telegram Groups?

1- Firstly, choose your favorite Gujarati Telegram Group.

2- You will get the option to join the link of that particular telegram group.

3- Click on the join button.

4- You will be redirected to the telegram app.

5- Now, click on the join button again. You are now a member of that particular telegram group.

Repeat these steps again if you want to join any other Gujarati Telegram Group.

What are the benefits of joining Gujarati Telegram Groups?

There are various benefits of joining Gujarati Telegram Groups which include.

1- Students looking for educational opportunities in Gujarat can join these groups.

2- These groups provide opportunities to people looking for various jobs in Gujarat as per their requirements.

3- Get the latest updates and news about Gujarat daily.

4- Get political, religious, and sports-related information through these groups.

5- People willing to learn Gujarati can join these groups.

6- You can listen to various Gujarati songs including bhajans for free.

What are the rules you must know before joining any Gujarati Telegram group?

Every group has its certain rules which every member is required to follow otherwise they will be removed from the group. Let’s know about some important rules of Gujarat Telegram Groups.

1- Be an active member of the group.

2- Don’t change the group name or settings unnecessarily.

3- Share only topic-related content in the group.

4- No abuse or use of bad language is allowed.

4- Don’t share any religious posts in the groups.


I hope this article helped you to join your favorite Gujarati Telegram Groups for free using which you can get daily updates on this Religious State. Join the best Gujarati Telegram Groups to get entertainment videos and songs for fun. Moreover, you will be provided with jobs and educational facilities in Gujarat along with the study material online. So, what are you waiting for? Go and join yours!

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