Hyderabad Telegram Groups & Channel Links in 2022

Do you have any idea about some Hyderabad telegram groups, the capital of the Indian state of Telangana?. So let’s know more about this city with the help of telegram groups and channels. In this article, I will share some channels that will help you understand the technological hub of our country in more detail.

10 Best Hyderabad Telegram Groups

1. Hyderabadi Movies- One of the best Hyderabad telegram groups. Movies are mirrors of any culture. If you want to understand the tradition and people of a particular region, watch their cinemas. This telegram helps you to do exactly this.

Join Link: https://telegram.me/HyderabadiMovies

2. Hyderabad Real Estate- An amazing Hyderabad real estate telegram group. Here you will find details about property or real estate deals, brokers, and buyers which will enable you to connect with them and have direct communication.

Join Link: https://telegram.me/hyderabadreal

3. Hyderabad Jobs- A Hyderabad jobs telegram group where the difficult task of finding a job is rendered easy. You may join the group find various job requirements posts and apply according to your ability and preference.

Join Link: https://telegram.me/Hyderabadpunejobs

4. Hyderabad Lovers- A remarkable telegram channel of Hyderabad that makes anyone fall in love with the city. The channel shares the best places, food, and tourist places of the city which if explored helps one to understand the people and culture in a more efficient manner.

Join Link: https://telegram.me/hyderabad

5. SSC & Railway Exams Preparations Hyderabad- If you are a person wishing to clear the SSC or any competitive exam of Hyderabad, then join this group. Not only study resources are shared but here you will find people like you who can be helpful in the future.

Join Link: https://telegram.me/RIGHTCHOICEACADEMY

6. Hyderabad club- This telegram channel contains lists of clubs in Hyderabad and the major events that are supposed to take place. In order to know the details of any particular event in a locality refer to this group.

Join Link: https://telegram.me/HyderabadClub

7. Hyderabad Travellers- An amazing Hyderabad telegram channel. The channel has over 6.7k plus subscribers. A must join the channel for travelers belonging to the city of Hyderabad or the state of Telangana.

Join Link: https://telegram.me/hydtravel

8. Hyderabad BTECH Freshers Jobs- A Hyderabad jobs telegram group. If you are a graduate in BTECH and a fresher seeking a job in the field, this channel will aid your search by finding you the available job options.

Join Link: https://telegram.me/BTechFresherjobs

9. Hyderabad Official-  A remarkable telegram channel in Hyderabad. It is an official channel of telegram where any and every update regarding the city is posted on a regular basis. Irrespective of the genre, all sorts of information that are important are shared.

Join Link: https://t.me/joinchat/E6cnBUt6hEjGO1USpOpjxQ

10. New Jobs Alert- The best telegram group in Hyderabad. One of the many problems of today’s world is unemployment. This telegram group just wishes to sort it out. A must join a channel with over 7.8k subscribers.

Join Link: https://telegram.me/Jobsinsouthindia


To sum it up these are some of the best and most outstanding Hyderabad telegram groups you may ever come across. Depending upon your need and want, choose a channel and find out its role and the quality of the content it has to offer in the best possible manner.

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