iPhone Telegram Groups or Channels for Apple Lovers (2023)

Last Updated on December 25, 2022

Nowadays, mobile phones have become very crucial in everyone’s life. Since we are talking about mobile phones, how can we forget about iPhone? Buying an iPhone has become a dream of a number of people and apple users consider the iPhone as a symbol of their dignity.

So, if you are looking for the best apple Telegram Groups or channels, then you are in the right place. We have provided you with the best apple groups on telegram through our deep research.

6 Best Apple Telegram Groups

Apple users can get every minor information related to iPhone through the Apple Telegram Groups mentioned below. Once you find out your favorite telegram group, you can join it to get updated.

1-Official Apple

  • This is the most popular telegram group which is dedicated to apple news and updates.
  • It’s not an official channel but consists of 34287 members.
  • You will get to know about the various features added to iPhone models.
  • You will be provided with details regarding Apple Watches as well.

2- iPhone offers

  • This telegram group provides apple users with offers from different websites.
  •  The prices mentioned at a particular point in time keep on changing with time.
  • This telegram group does not sell or own any product, for this, you need to shop its official website given.
  • Currently, this telegram group consists of 892 subscribers.

3- IOST Official Announcement

  • This group will serve the entire community so that everyone can get updates about all the major IOST developments taking place.
  • You will get all the official announcements of IOST i.e., the ultra-fast blockchain network in this telegram group.
  • Know about the IOST upcoming listings.
  • Get updates regarding IOST Bi-weekly shares, latest developments, and market expansion.
  • Currently, this telegram group consists of 4352 members.

4- IOS Dev

  • Members will get a chance to understand the iOS ecosystem.
  •  You can seek the guidance of professional iOS developers through this telegram group.
  • Get a quick guide on domain files for iOS development.
  • This telegram group deals with the single sponsored link in each issue.
  • Every sponsored link must be relevant to Apple ecosystem app development.
  • Currently, this popular telegram group consists of 10543 subscribers.

5-Apple Dev

  • This telegram group enables its members to get the latest news and life hacks about iOS development.
  • The goal of this telegram group is to share some useful information and tricks to make application development much easier.
  • You will be provided with everything you require to create apps.
  • Currently, the Apple dev app consists of only 13 members.

6- Apple gram

  • This apple-based telegram group aggregates Mac and Apple-related updates and reports.
  • Apple gram also focuses on biotech, monitoring, and credit reports.
  • Though there are no reviews for this telegram group it consists of 36 members.

What are the benefits of joining an Apple Telegram Group?

There are various benefits of joining an Apple telegram group which include.

1- You can join any Apple telegram group if you want to sell your iPhone.

2- You can get to know about the review of the mobile models when you purchase a new iPhone.

3- Join the group and only talk about apple things.

4- You can find theme packs for your apple devices.

5-Apple users can get all the latest news and theme packs for their iOS devices.

How to join Apple Groups on Telegram?

It’s very easy to join any Apple telegram group and you don’t need any money to join the group or channel as well. Simply read the steps given below and apply them to join any Apple group of your choice in telegram.

1- Firstly, you need to search for your favorite apple Telegram Group that you want to join.

2- You will get the option to join the link of that particular Apple Telegram Group.

3- Click on the join button.

4- You will be redirected to the telegram app.

5- Click on the join button once again and you will become a member of that group.


We have searched a lot and provided the most active apple Telegram Groups for iPhone users. Join the telegram groups mentioned above to get day-to-day updates about Apple phones or any other apple accessory and solutions regarding your software. All the members who have joined any particular apple telegram group must abide by its rules. I hope this article proves to be useful for you.

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