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Last Updated on March 24, 2023

London telegram groups are a great way to find other Londoners and to make friends. The best part is that all the Londoners will be in those telegram groups.

If you are struggling to find the best telegram groups in London, this post will help you find the best ones.

What is London Telegram Groups or Channel

This is a group in Telegram that is specifically for people from London who want to connect with other Londoners. If you are from London, you should join London Telegram Channels & Groups.

Why you should join London Telegram Group

For those who want to know everything related to London, such as food, sports, movies, entertainment, etc, it would be best to join this group. and that’s why you should join these telegram London groups in 2023

Group NameJoin Link
London Grammar MusicJoin Link
London MoviesJoin Link
Arsenal London SportsJoin Link
Jobs in LondonJoin Link
Travelling and VentureJoin Link
Dating & LoveJoin Link
Toss LondonJoin Link
London BitcoinJoin Link
Stock in LondonJoin Link

Benefits of joining London telegram groups

  1. You will get the news related to London first in the London News-Telegram group
  2. If you like to read and watch movies review then in this group you will get all new and latest movie reviews.
  3. You will be able to make friends with new people who belong to London
  4. If you have any v doubts then you can take help of group admin and group members

Rules of London Telegram Group

  1. Do not send direct messages or voice messages to any group member
  2. No member will share his personal things in the group
  3. No promotion of any kind is allowed in the group
  4. Members are required to respect their fellow members and obey the admin’s instructions


Friends, if you are from London or you want to go to London, then you must definitely join these London Telegram Groups. And I hope you liked this post of ours.

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