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Last Updated on March 24, 2023

Here I am going to share recommendations on some amazing math telegram groups.

 If we had to agree on one thing- that would be the never-ending problems of Math. But jokes aside, if you are a student struggling with math for real, then here you can find the correct help that will make things easier for you.

  1. Math With Uday Sir Telegram ChannelMath with uday sir telegram channel. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or already halfway through your learning, you can become a part of this channel.
  1. Succession MathA math tricks telegram channel. One of the key aspects that helps anybody to better their performance in math is through learning basic tricks. This saves both time and effort that are usually spent.
  1. Math ClubIt is like a storehouse of math. Here you can find experts of math and beginners together. Not only this platform provides help with studies but also resources. A channel with over 5.6k subscribers.
  1. Math Quiz By Gagan Pratap Sir–  A class 9 math telegram group link . This is the group of Gagan Pratap Sir. A channel where quizzes are posted daily along with their correct answers for checking. 
  1. Math SSC Railway BankingIn various competitive exams like Railways, SSC, banking etc math is an integral and compulsory subject. So if you are preparing for any of the above mentioned exams, do join this channel.
  1. Alien ICSE MathThe very famous vedantu math telegram group. This is a channel especially for the students of ICSE board. If you are in class 9 or 10 and math seems to get to you, this is a must join channel for you.
  1. Class 12th CBSE MathAn amazing class 12 math telegram group link. This is a group for students from CBSE board. An amazing channel with the best quality. It has over 7.8k plus subscribers from around the country.
  1. Math HolicOne of the best telegram math group links. This is a must join channel for anybody and everybody. This channel has a member strength of about 9.8k. With so many people having the same difficulties makes this a go to channel.
  1. Class 10 Math NotesIf you are a student of class 10 and the crux of your problem is math, but not the understanding part but the notes. In such a case you should join this telegram link to download the notes in pdf for free.
  1. Math By Abhinay SirAn exceptional abhinay math telegram group link. Here you can learn amazing tricks that will make you stand out in learning. Plus, the doubt sessions will also prove beneficial.
  1. IIT JEE By Om Sir MathThis is a telegram group of Om Sir. A must join channel for every student facing problems with math. A channel that has around 8k plus subscribers and amazing credibility. 
  1. Indian Vedic Math– Parcha Class Math Masti- A vedic math telegram channel. Over time vedic math has become a crucial part of Indian education. This channel helps you learn it with the best of teachers. It has around 6k subscribers.
  1.  Basic MathematicsThe most common part with people with problems in math or disliking it is mainly because of their weak or not clear basics in the subject. This channel desires to undo this by making the basics of people clear and sorted.
  1. Math By Pawan RaoOne of the best telegram math group links. This is a telegram channel of teacher Pawan Rao. It has over 7.6k subscribers. You want live classes or test series or even notes and answer series, come here and get it all for free of cost.


Benefits Of Joining Math Classes Telegram Group

1. Best content
2. Free of cost
3. Saves time
4. Contact with fellow students and expert teachers.

Rules Of Math Group On Telegram

Don’t abuse or misbehave
Post relevant content
Respect teachers and admin

What Motivated You To Join Math Exam Telegram Group Or Channel

The content and inexpensive nature of the channel were the motivation.

How Do I Join Math Telegram Group?

1. Choose the channel you want to join
2. Click on the link of the channel
3. Press the join button

Is Telegram A Good Place To Find Math Groups?

 One of the best places.

What Is A Difference Between Math Exam Channel And Math Preparation Group On Telegram?

A Math exam group can have up to 200000 members whereas a Math exam channel can have an unlimited number of subscribers or members.

Which Is The Best Math Group On Telegram For IIT JEE Preparation?

 The OM Sir Math Classes is one of the best math groups on telegram.


To sum it up, these are some of the best Math telegram groups you will ever find. So go through the list and pick out the one you want.

Up until then, I wish you all the best in your journey of becoming the next best MBA.

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