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Last Updated on March 23, 2023

Here is a list of some outstanding Mumbai telegram groups links. But you may wonder what is the use of it. Basically, these groups provide you with detailed information on the city of dreams. So even if you are an outsider or an insider with not a lot of understanding about the city these channels might come in handy

Group NameJoin Link
Malik MumbaiJoin Link
Kalyan Rajdhani MarketJoin Link
Hashtag Mumbai NewsJoin Link
Covid Vaccine AlertJoin Link
Navi Mumbai CommunityJoin Link
Mumbai Trader StockJoin Link
Mumbai MemesJoin Link
Mumbai FilmsJoin Link
Mumbai Customer Product DealerJoin Link
Jobs in Mumbai NaviJoin Link

1. Malik Mumbai- One of the best Mumbai telegram channels. Are you looking for an all-in-one channel, then this is it. With recommendations about the best places to eat, shop, etc, this channel covers almost all aspects of the city.

Followers: 495K Members

Review: 5 Star

2. Kalyan Rajdhani Market- It is said that you have not known a city if you haven’t explored its market. This channel understands this saying, thereby helping one to explore the most popular and known markets of Mumbai.

Followers: 600+ Members

Review: 3 Star

3. Hashtag Mumbai News- A remarkable telegram Mumbai group. I said it was remarkable because sometimes keeping up the news can get hectic. In such a situation you can come to this channel and get updates on the latest affairs of the city.

Followers: 9K+ Members

Review: 5 Star

4. Covid Vaccine Alert- With the constant rise in the covid cases and there being no end to the pandemic, getting vaccinated has become extremely important. So this channel provides a time and place where you can get vaccine jabs available for free of cost.

Followers: 2K+ Members

Review: 5 Star

5. Navi Mumbai Community- An amazing Mumbai telegram group link. This is a family channel where people from various areas and sectors of Mumbai are connected via a group. It is like a close-knit community.

Followers: 3K+ Members

Review: 5 Star

6. Mumbai Trader Stock- An informative telegram Mumbai group. This channel has over 7.8k plus subscribers from Mumbai and globally. If you are interested in the stock market and trading, this is a must-follow channel.

Followers: 1K+ Members

Review: 4 Star

7. Mumbai Memes- Memes have become an integral part of our lives. And what could be better than to be able to scroll the memes to the city you reside in. So if you want to go through memes on the city of Mumbai specifically, join the channel.

Followers: 200+ Members

Review: 5 Star

8. Mumbai Films- Films are not only a source of entertainment but also a mirror to the culture and society of a place. This telegram channel recommends some amazing movies from the state of Maharashtra.

Followers: 1K+ Members

Review: 5 Star

9. Mumbai Customer Product Dealer- An exceptional Mumbai telegram group link. It has around 78.56k subscribers. The best channel with quality content and post being outstanding and top-rated.

Followers: 1K+ Members

Review: 4 Star

10. Jobs in Mumbai Navi- One of the best Mumbai telegram channels. Finding a job in the city of Mumbai can be a hustle really demotivating, but with the help of this channel your task can become a bit easy

Followers: 10K+ Members

Review: 3.5 Star


In a nutshell, these are some of the best Mumbai telegram groups which you could come across. Refer to the above list and see it for yourself.

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