Programming Telegram Groups and Channels for Programmers

Last Updated on December 25, 2022

There are a lot of programming Telegram group link out there, so it can be tough to find the ones that have quality content. Programming Telegram channels can help you learn from other people’s questions and answer others’ programming queries. In this article, we have compiled a list of some great Programming Telegram channels for developers!

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Why Should You Choose Programming Telegram Groups & Channels For Learning a Programming Language?

Telegram programming groups & channels are a new method for programming learners to find programming language learning opportunities. By engaging with other programmers on Telegram, you can develop your programming skills without having to pay for expensive programming courses or spend time travelling to meet up with others in person. So that’s why you should choose Telegram channels for learning competitive programming questions and doubts about competitive coding Read more below!

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15 Best Competitive Programming Telegram Groups & Channels for Programmers

R Programming

R programming is a very hard programming language. Students like these programming languages very much and most of the time students want some free stuff. That’s why we share the best R programming languages telegram group for those who want to explore programming more.

Join Here:


If you prefer to use Linux over Windows then this is the best telegram group for learning Linux programming & development. More than 10K + active users in this group and there are lots of free Linux courses and ebooks are available here.

Join Also:

C Programming

Are you want to learn the basics of programming  and want to clear your basics then highly recommended to join the C programming telegram group and learn and explore more about advanced C programming

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IOS & Swift

If you want to learn swift programming language for ios development. This is the best telegram channel. There are over 1000 + active users in a group, and they share information about IOS  programming, so if you are serious to learn IOS programming tips then you can join this channel

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Advance Python & ML

If you’re looking for a place to learn about Python, look no further. This is the channel that will teach you an advanced level of python programming

Join Here:

Back- end development

A newbie’s biggest programming challenge is to learn back-end development. So in this case telegram channel will help you to learn everything about language programming for back-end coding just like Jerry and python basics, JavaScript-like Node.js or React coupled with Angular for more complex frameworks such as GruntJS that we use at work every day (and love). If this sounds interesting then join our group chat now; there are many people ready willing learners who would probably benefit greatly

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Hey! If you’re looking for a place to get your programming learning needs met, I’ve got just the thing. The iOS Dev group has over 5000 subscribers and more than 100 + active users every time and they share information about all things coding related

Join Here:

Learn Programming

Want to learn more about programming languages? Then this channel is for you. You can find tons of useful tips, principles that will help develop software, and many resources with your journey in becoming an expert programmer!

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Web Dev ++

Web Dev ++ is the perfect way to stay up-to-date with all of your programming needs. You’ll find everything from beginner-level topics, such as learning languages and technical news that can help you become a better developer!

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PHP Programmers

The best way to learn about PHP is by joining this group. There, you can find out all of the latest information and tutorials on how it’s used in some really popular applications like WordPress or Facebook! (

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Coder News

Do you want to keep getting high-quality tech skills and productive videos, articles, or tutorials? about experienced programmers so then Coder News is the group for you! Here are all of our coding content about HTML (a type of computer programming), React (an open-source framework). Also included in this channel would be CSS techniques

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Software Development

As we know every computer science students want to become a software engineer so if you are really serious about learning software development then this is the best software development group where you can access lot’s of free study material related software industry

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Android & Mobile App Development

Do you wanna become an android developer and want to learn android development so this is the best android programming telegram group where you got lot’s of free resources to learn android

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Ebooks for Programmer

Do you wanna love online ebooks as compared to Video? Then you can join this channel where you can get lot’s of ebooks related to programming then the best point of this channel is here more than 30+ active users have loved this channel and regularly follow all updates

Blockchain Enthusiast

Do you hate programming and coding languages then blockchain is best for you, as we know blockchain demand is day by day it’s increasing so if you are interested then you can here find the best blockchain telegram channel

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How to Join Programming Telegram Groups & Channel

Step 1: Open and log in telegram account using desktop or mobile

Step 2: In this blog post we listed the best telegram programming channel

Step 3: Select anyone which you want to join first

Step 4: Now Hit then join link

Step 5: Done! Now enjoy you are in group or channel

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Why We Need Telegram Programming Channel?

This is the very best question according to me if you are information technology student r computer science student then you can find the programming languages subject in your academic subject so after that you are willing to find some resource for online e-learning related to programming then telegram program groups or channels will offer you ebooks, videos and all types of resources which is totally related to coding and programming so that’s we need telegram groups for programming.

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We hope you find the best programming Telegram groups helpful for your profession. If there are any other telegram groups to learn programming that should be on our list, please let us know in a comment below!

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