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Last Updated on January 31, 2022

Pune Telegram Group Link: Have you ever wondered about Pune- the sprawling city in the state of Maharashtra? If yes, then here I am going to share some of the best Pune telegram groups which will help you have a closer and deeper look at this city of India which has its own reasons for being the favorite and love of so many people across the country.

1. Jobs in PuneOne of the best Pune telegram groups. One of the many problems of today’s world is unemployment. In such a situation this telegram group helps in the difficult task of finding a job. You may join the group and find various job options.

2. Pune above 45 vaccine trackerA Pune telegram channel where the progress of giving vaccination to the people above the age of 45 is accessed i.e., tracked. It has around 1.5k members.

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3. APTI Academy by Lokesh SirA group of around 7k members was founded by Lokesh Sharma Sir. APTI is one of the leading institutes in Pune for imparting resources and education for SSC and banking exams.

4. Pune Customer ShopAn amazing Pune telegram group with around 1.6k subscribers. If you are looking for cheap products and offers or deals refer to this telegram channel to find the best deal for yourself.

5. DNYANADEEP Academy PuneOne of the most subscribed channels with around 38.5k members. Here you will find quality enriching material on a regular basis and that too for free of cost.

6. Hyderabad Pune JobsOne of the best Pune telegram groups where information only in the context of jobs is posted. Irrespective of the types of jobs you will find all jobs options here, whether it is private or government.

7. Patil Sir English PuneIf you are looking for a group to improve your English proficiency and vocabulary join this telegram channel with 27k members that will make your journey of learning interesting and easy.

8. Pune Business GroupA Pune India telegram group where people from all business sectors and types are present. Here they exchange ideas and learn from one another making the journey of young and new start-ups easy.

9. MPSC Pune ClassesAn amazing Pune telegram group with over 5.6k subscribers. A channel with quality content and good resources is a must join for everybody.

10. JMFC ClassesThe best telegram group in Pune. It has around 5.8k and plus subscribers, which exerts proper guidance.


I hope this list of Pune telegram groups was helpful to you. In a nutshell, whether you are from Pune or not this list of channels will help you know the city in a much better way.

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