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Last Updated on March 23, 2023

Best Telegram English Group: As William Shakespeare said, “ To be or not to be, that is the question”. So I want to ask you the same question. Do you wish to learn the English language? Do you wish to be a part of the journey where learning a new language makes you dive deep into the culture of the people speaking that language? 

If Yes – then let’s roll together and explore the best telegram English group that will help you be the next Shashi Tharoor. Ok, wait, No. That will help you be the next you.

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27 Best Telegram English Group For Learning English

Learning English is like juggling balls of 4 main key skills – reading, speaking, writing, and listening. If you can balance these 4 balls of skills you will indeed be an expert in the language.

Group NameJoin Link
The English Club Join Link
English Exercise Join Link
English Chatting International Join Link
Let’s learn English Join Link
English Grammar Join Link
American English Join Link
English Language Learning Join Link
English vocabulary Join Link
EnglishTipsandTool Join Link
Oxford Word of Day Join Link
Hindi to English Join Link
Spoke English – Sabir Class Join Link
Learn English With Me Join Link
Advance English Grammar Join Link
English Idioms Join Link
Spoken GuruJoin Link
add4English Join Link
LearnEnglish Quickly Join Link
English Practice Join Link
Native English Join Link
English Discussion Join Link
Public Speaking Join Link
English Speaking Course Join Link
I can speak English Join Link
English Grammar Lucent English Join Link
Enjoy EnglishJoin Link
Go EnglishJoin Link

So let’s check out the best English learning telegram channels that will help novice learners like us.

1. The English Club– One of the best English grammar telegram channels with over 15000 subscribers. This English telegram group helps in building day-to-day own conversations with tips on daily uses of grammar.

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2. English Exercise– Telegram English channel wherein a few questions are shared daily along with their correct answers. This helps the learners to evaluate their process along with teaching them new words and sentences. 

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3. English Chatting International- One of the top English chat group channels with over 20,000 subscribers. It is the best platform to meet new people from different countries and cultures and chat together in English.

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4. Let’s Learn English-The best telegram channel for  English speaking because here minute details of a language are paid attention to which helps in enhancing the beauty and fluency of the language.

5. English Grammar- Most useful English grammar telegram channel basically caters to the grammar learning needs of people. It uses topics like sentence formation, parts of speech to make understanding easy.

6. American English- An all-rounder channel. Whether it’s enhancing listening skills through podcasts or reading skills through short stories, this English telegram group has it all.

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7. English Language Learning- A spoken English telegram group link where people come together to learn something new i.e. English language. It focuses on teaching the overall basics of the language.

8. English Vocabulary- With over 5k subscribers this channel trains you in new words every day with one step at a time. Meaning on words along with synonyms and antonyms are also taught.

9. English Tips And TooL- An English telegram group where words along with their meaning and sentences as an example are shared. Plus a pdf of their English education is posted monthly for free so that anyone can view and learn in the shortest span of time.

10. 0xford Word Of Day- This is an English vocabulary telegram link. The channel shares a word each day with its meaning and ways of using the word information of sentences. It focuses on enhancing the vocabulary of the reader as the name of the channel suggests.

11. Hindi To English- An English learning telegram channel that assists the learners to understand the language through the medium of English. It is a beginner-friendly or a newbie channel where people with the mother tongue of Hindi can easily approach.

12. Spoke English- Sabir class- The best telegram English channel where around 10-15 words are posted on a daily basis with their synonyms and meaning in Hindi. A vocabulary-oriented fluency enhancing telegram group.

13. Learn English With Me- A efficient channel that provides all-access necessary in learning the language i.e. videos, notes, tips as well as tricks.

14. Advance English Grammar- With subscribers around 3000 the channel helps to the learning to the next level by paying special attention to the perfection of grammar(the backbone of the English language).

15. English Idioms- English chat group telegram channel where few idioms are posted regularly. Idioms are expressions that are extensively used and contain figurative meaning which is different from their literal meaning.

16. Spoken Guru- The best English-speaking telegram channel in India. It aims at simplifying the reading and speaking aspects of the language.

17.Add4 English- A telegram English channel that is beginner-friendly or for a newbie wherein following the daily content will make one’s grip on the language strong.

18. Learn English Quickly- If you are a person in urgent need to learn a language or just to make basics clear and useable in day-to-day life this is a must join channel for you.

19. English Practice- One of the remarkable channels which primarily focuses on connecting the dots backward in order to make the picture clear i.e. enabling one to brush up on the leanings in order to remove any doubts or problems.

20. Native English- The pronunciation and various aspects of a language differ from place to place. This telegram channel ensures to teach the learners the bare minimum of the language according to the region and place they come from.

21. English Discussion- One of the best spoken English telegram group links whereby, the fluency or speaking skill if the language is enhanced and polishes through the various form of interaction and communication. 

22. Public Speaking- The most subscribed public speaking telegram channel which aims to teach pronunciation in general and the art of communicating with people around in particular.

23. English Speaking Course- Best telegram channel for English speaking. The channel offers a free course to learn the art i.e. English language. One of the most subscribed channels with over 69.4k views. 

24. I Can Speak English- An amazing telegram English group wherein the basics of the language are made clear. Beginner-friendly with education on the alphabets and letters of the language.

25. English Grammar Lucent English- A exceptional English grammar telegram group with huge subscribers. The channel focuses on improving all 4 skills needed to master the language with a primary focus on the grammar section.

Other Recommended Telegram Group


Do you wish to master the 4 skills of the English language? If yes then refer to the above list of astounding telegram English group channels that will aid you in your journey of becoming the next you.

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