The 25 Best Telegram Hindi Movies Channel or Groups

Last Updated on January 23, 2023

Hindi movies are indeed one of the most watched movies especially when it comes to India, where a huge chunk of people speak Hindi.

Hindi movies are basically mostly Bollywood movies, so if you’re a fan of Bollywood or other Hindi classics, this article is going to be a blessing for all movie lovers.

So, get ready and scroll through the article to know all about Hindi movie’s telegram channels, where you can get to watch Hindi movies and that too without hurting your pockets.

What is a Hindi movie Telegram channel and why it’s popular?

A Hindi movie telegram channel is a telegram channel that specifically shares Hindi movies, which range from different genres and time eras. These Hindi movies channel on telegram are mostly public, but sometimes are private as well, for which you’ll have to request to join.

The main reason why Hindi movie telegram channels are so popular is that a majority of the Indian population speaks Hindi leading to a huge diversion of audience. Moreover, the trend and hype of Bollywood cannot be avoided even when tried, so all Bollywood lovers, sometimes even the ones who aren’t that proficient in speaking Hindi, love to watch these movies.

Benefits of Hindi movie telegram groups or channel

There are many benefits of Hindi movie telegram groups and channels, like,

  1. You can find like-minded people here sharing similar interests with whom you can talk and discuss Hindi cinema. 
  2. You don’t need to buy extra subscriptions to different platforms to access Hindi movies, so this way it basically costs nothing.
  3. You can get easy access to Hindi movies of different genres and timelines, even the ones that are super difficult to find.
  4. You can easily download and save the movie without getting into the hassles of torrents etc.

Best New Hindi Movies Telegram Channel

Do not worry about lacking behind, because these channels will keep you on trend. Here are a few best telegram channels for Hindi movies for you to get access to the latest and new movies from Hindi cinema,

GroupJoin Link
New Hindi MoviJoin Link
Latest Hindi MoviesJoin Link

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Best Hindi Web Series Telegram Channel

If you are more of a web-series fan, the Hindi language is there as well, and these telegram channel links would take you right to the best of Hindi web series for you to binge and chill,

GroupJoin Link
Netflix Hindi Web SeriesJoin Link
Hindi SeriesJoin Link

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Best Old Hindi Movies Telegram Channel

All the old-school lovers, need not worry, because here are the top telegram channel for old Hindi movies, so regardless if it was from the 90s or 60s, there are high chances you’ll get the movie here,

GroupJoin Link
Purane Hindi FilmJoin Link
Hindi Old MoviesJoin Link

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Best HD Hindi Movies Telegram Channel

Never underestimate the power of telegram guys, because these Hindi telegram group links will take you to the best of HD Hindi movies as well, so you don’t need to compromise on the quality or resolution either,

GroupJoin Link
Bollywood Hindi moviesJoin Link
HD Hindi CinemaJoin Link

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How do I join a Telegram channel that shares Hindi movies?

To join a telegram channel that shares Hindi movies are super easy, you can either join the ones mentioned above, or if you want to find something more particular you can just search for the keywords in the telegram search bar, and there you’ll have the list of the telegram channels.

Is it free to join Telegram groups for Hindi movies?

Yes, it is free to join telegram groups for Hindi movies, especially public channels and groups, but you might need to follow some rules when it comes to private groups.

Can I watch Hindi movies on the Telegram channel?

Telegram does provide the option to either watch online or download the movie as per your need, so in case you are low on storage or just do not want to download, you can watch Hindi movies on the telegram channel itself.

Are there other Telegram channels that share Hindi movies? 

There are various telegram channels apart from the above-mentioned ones that share Hindi movies and you can search from the group name or the movie name and join those as per your choice.

How can I download Hindi movies from telegram channels or groups?

There are specific groups dedicated to Hindi movies from where you can download the Hindi movies or you can even find it on general pages if the luck works right, but prefer the specific ones.

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