30+ Best Telegram Channels for Kannada Movies (2023)

Last Updated on February 16, 2023

Bangalore and Kannada are like best friends!

Regardless if you’re from Haryana or Meghalaya, visiting Bangalore does bring you closer to Kannada and Kannadigas, so why stay away from the beautiful world of Kannada Cinema?

Scroll through the article to learn about Kannada Movies Telegram Channels and be a part of this lovely community!

What is a Telegram Kannada Movies Channel or group?

A Kannada movie telegram channel or group is a telegram channel or group that specifically shares Kannada movies, which range from different genres and time eras. These Kannada movies channels on telegram are mostly public, but sometimes are private as well, for which you’ll have to request to join.

Channel NameJoin Link
Kannada Movies HD Join Link
Kannada Rockers Join Link
Kannada Dubbed Movie Join Link
New Kannada Moviez Join Link
Latest Kannada Movie Join Link
Kannada Hit Join Link
Kannada Hindi Dubbed Movie Join Link
Kannada series online Join Link
New HD Kannada Marathi Movies 4k Join Link
HD Movie Kannada Join Link
Best Kannada Movies Join Link
KGF movie telegram link Join Link
Dia Movie download telegram Link Join Link

Join Related Movies Groups

  1. Kannada’s movie is very interesting and each and every scene is real.
  2. Their actors are so talented just like Yash in KGF Movie.
  3. Touch emotions most Kannada movies like KGF, and Mrs. Ramachari these movies are connected to people’s heart that’s why Kannada movie is so popular.
  4. Well-acting with proper drama
  5. High-quality movies and content are very good every seem just like real.

Join Best Movies, Related Groups

How to Download New Kannada Movie from telegram channel or group

Quick & easy method to download Kannada movies from telegram channel, group link, website, or app. Here I am sharing a quick step you just need to follow guy and if you facing any issues then comment in the post

  1. The first step is to select the Kannada movies telegram link which you want to join for Kannada movies
  2. You can also join the telegram Kannada movies channel-group link which I am sharing in this post
  3. Copy the channel link and paste it to google
  4. Now you directly redirect to channels
  5. Now click on the join button and join the channels
  6. Select a movie that you want  to download and click on the download button
  7. Once the downloading process is done your Kannada movie will automatically save or download on your screen

So these all are quick and simple steps to download Kannada movies from official telegram channels or app

How to Join Kannada Movie Telegram Group link or Channel

It’s very easy to join the telegram Kannada movie channel please follow all instructions that I am sharing here.

  1. Log in first persona telegram account
  2. Choose any joining link that I am sharing in this post
  3. Click on the join button
  4. Cool! Now you are in the channel.

Advantages of Join Telegram Kannada Movie Channels

There are many benefits of joining telegram Kannada movie channels, Here I am sharing all the benefits step by step

  1. Watch the Latest new Kannada Movie
  2. Get high-quality HD &Mp4 movies
  3. The movie downloading process is available
  4. Free joining & watch online movies
  5. 24*7 movies are available you can watch them any time 
  6. Upcoming reviews and news for Kannada actors & latest movies


Now that you’ve scrolled till here, there are high chances you are definitely going to watch or might even binge-watch Kannada movies with the help of the above-listed best telegram Kannada movie telegram channel link! So, get your popcorn, blanket, tv, laptop, or mobile, and just chill while you watch movies.

Hope the article helped!

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