10 Best Visa Appointment Telegram Groups (2023)

Last Updated on March 23, 2023

Are you dealing with Visa queries?  If yes, then now you don’t need to worry because we are here to provide you with telegram groups that will provide you with updates regarding visa appointment slots. You no longer need to deal with US visa queries as you can get your visa dates much easier. Through these visa appointment telegram groups, you will get all the relevant information relating to visa appointments. So, let’s begin!

10 Best Visa Telegram Groups

Visa telegram groups provide you with an opportunity to clear all your doubts regarding the visa application process. You will be able to know the process of getting any country’s visa.

1- H1B Visa Appointment– This group will provide you with messages about the available visa slots. Currently, this visa-based telegram group consists of 2147 people as its members.

2- US Visa Stampings– This is a popular telegram group with 110218 members. It focuses on US Visa stamping day-to-day updates and provides help in case of emergency appointments and regular renewals.

3- USA Visa Appointment 2022-2023– This telegram group with more than 1000 members helps you to find a number of US embassies and consultants. Further, you can also get knowledge about visa interviews as well.

4- Approved L1A/L1B Visa– Employers who are transferred to the US are usually categorized into these 2 groups. This telegram group enables people to check the latest news related to L1A or L1B Visa. Currently, this group consists of 1401 members and belongs only to approved L1 visa members.

5- Apply for Visa– This telegram group guides you on the ways of the procedure to apply for Visa in other countries. Currently, this group consists of more than 100 people as its subscribers.

6- Get Free Canada Visa– This telegram group with 8538 subscribers will enable you to grasp information about Canadian people and their culture. You will get to know about the job opportunities in Canada through this group.

7- Australia Visa Update– This Australian telegram group will provide you with information about the specialty in Australia and tourist destinations. You will get updates about the job openings and easy job offers available in Australia. Currently, this telegram group consists of more than 2000 members.

8- SS Global India Update– This telegram group with more than 9500 members provides an open platform to Indians abroad. It helps to stay connected with Indian culture even being in a foreign country.

9- USA Visa Slots Update– This telegram group will update you about the slots available in real-time along with discussion channels. You will get updates every hour and can avail of slots by yourself. Currently, this group consists of 5299 members.

10- F1 USA– This telegram group is another popular one with 37000 subscribers. This group is especially for students and people who enter into F1 discussions and get updates from time to time.

How to join Visa Telegram Group

It’s quite easy to join any particular Visa Telegram group. But to begin, you need to go to the Visa Telegram Group Links website.

1- Firstly, you are required to find the Visa Telegram group name according to your choice.

2- You will get an option to join the link of that particular telegram group

3- Click on the join button.

4- Lastly, open the telegram and once again press the join button.

Now, you are a member of that group.

What are the benefits of joining VISA groups on telegram?

There are various benefits of joining VISA groups on telegram. Let’s know about them in brief.

1- If you have any queries regarding visa, then you can simply chat in the group to get an answer.

2- All the groups you have joined will share Visa-related posts only.

3- You will get updates regarding any visa policy or embassy functioning.

4- You will be provided with all the essential information relating to VISA emergency appointments.

5- These telegram groups will make your work easier by letting you know in advance about the additional documents required for the visa process.


Nowadays there are various Visa appointment telegram groups available to seek out the questioning of thousands of people and guide them with accurate information. These telegram groups or channels will provide you with every minor detail regarding the visa process, visa interviews, Dropbox renewal, or slots available. So, join today for a stress-free and quick process.

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